Sober Dawn Of Sunday
and olivia

and olivia


“gata keep your head u & you gata let your hair down.”

omg i love briella lmao  


“gata keep your head u & you gata let your hair down.”

omg i love briella lmao  

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oh hey old tumblr

came back for a code i needed for my other tumblr

this is so weird

i swear different blogs have different energies to them

i swear this one feels different =O

lol. hypocrites ARE funny.
once again: i has a new blog, so watch out for me there!

also, it makes me ponder how dumb someone can be that nick is still not understanding that everything that is happening to him that’s making his life shitty is because of the consequences to his actions and how he treats people. things do come around. if you have a crap life, maybe it’s time to think, what have i done to get myself here? maybe it’s time to take responsibility for what you’ve done and how you’ve treated people. he’s going around saying i’m crazy and a bitch, and the same for his former friends, and just the world. “oh the world, it’s out to get me, all these people, out to get me”

maybe it’s not the world, MAYBE IT’S YOU.

that is the simplest of simple lessons of life, yet some people just cannot grasp it. i take responsibility for the shit in my life i don’t like. i’m trying to fix it. like, i should have never said yes to nick when i knew i didn’t want to be/wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. i shouldn’t have stopped talking to people because i was intimidated. i shouldn’t have treated my body so bad, maybe my anxiety and OCD would be better right now. i shouldn’t have slacked off last year with what was comfortable, i should have stayed at home, picked my self up with my own God damn shoe laces, and become a better stronger person - well none of that happened, but i’m working on it now.
this is corny as fuck, but your life is EXACTLY what you make it, and you have to be the change you want.

once again: hey everyone i am leaving this blog because my ex is stalking and harrassing me. i’m making a new url however, and shall be following all of you guys again, so keep an eye out for me in the next few days.
to all my follwers: i’m sorry you have to read through my drama. also i’m going to make a new blog because my demonic ex stalks me here. not only that, but constantly tries to bring me down (he told me to go kill myself so…) so anyway i’ll be making a new one, and i’ll follow you guys there - if you want to follow me back, that’d be fantastic. just wanted to say an official goodbye to this blog.
lol everything that comes out of your mouth is shit. it literally is shit. it makes no sense, and not because you don’t know how to type sentences. because YOU MAKE SHIT UP. if getting MY STUFF back is “getting all up in your business” lol GO FUCK YOURSELF. IT’S MY STUFF. I PAID FOR IT.

you are evil disgusting and twisted and honestly - you just told me to go kill myself - i honestly hope you get run down by a semi. you’re disgusting. you’re a evil EVIL EVIL person. EVIL. i’m not jealous of you or sarah, i’m disgusted. i’m not SAD at all that you’re not in my life. i’m not jealous of anything you have or anything you do - because you can sit there and tell me you do all this shit but i know all you do is sit around the house all day because you’re a fat loser fuck with no job. at least i have one. oh hey, and when i wasn’t paying rent? i was going to school. unlike you cause you’re DUMB AS FUCK. not to mention I FED YOUR FAT ASS EVERY FUCKING DAY.

you are an evil person. i hope you burn in hell. at least i can take comfort in knowing you’re already there, considering the state of your life now. but seriously, go to hell, stay there and burn.


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